Back to Basics Security

New objectives have been set for Police Forces when it comes to burglary, theft and robbery crime across the UK.

By March 2023, all police forces must ensure scenes are managed consistently to national standards and investigations are effectively supervised and directed.

The new requirements, outlined in a report entitled “finding Time for Crime,” have been set by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Andy Cooke, who has highlighted how ‘burglary, robbery and theft are not minor crimes.”

He said: “They are crimes that strike at the heart of how safe people feel in their homes or communities.”

In a bid to encourage a back to basics approach, Mr Cooke has urged forces to investigate crimes that compromise people’s feelings of safety and security across England and Wales.  “This is not rocket science,” he said.

Amthal is currently working with local Police Forces to encourage homeowners to focus on the preventative side of these crimes, supporting Mr Cooke’s ambition to place resources ‘where it’s needed to prevent them occurring.’.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal: “With stretched Police resources, we are doing all we can as a duty of care to help home and business owners offer the best level of protection for their property.

“Here, small differences to security measures can make all the difference to being targeted.  This includes many features which will put off an opportunist burglar, and especially visual deterrents such as video doorbells, CCTV and obviously monitored intruder alarms.”

“Together we can work together to create safer neighbourhoods.  And if a crime is attempted, Police have the necessary evidence to do what they do best and deal with the offences quickly and efficiently to ensure victims get the justice they deserve.”