Amthal supports its team with Living Wage Foundation

As part of its social commitment to sustainability, Amthal has become an accredited member of the Living Wage Foundation.

The Living Wage Foundation was established for employers that choose to go further and pay a real Living wage based on the cost of living, not just the Government minimum.

Amthal now joins over 7,000 UK businesses on the scheme, as part of its commitment to ensuring its team benefit from a fair and decent work environment, where their contributions are always recognised.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal: “Introducing the Living Wage is not only the right thing to do for our team; it also makes good business sense. This is a long-term, sustainable investment in our people based on our values, and our belief that a team which feels empowers and operates in optimum working conditions is in a position to provide a great experience to our customers.”

For Amthal, joining the Living Wage UK, is in recognition of its journey to achieving sustainability targets as set out by the UN Sustainable Development Goal Framework. This includes key goals as good health and wellbeing together with decent work and economic growth.

Amthal is currently working with its independent Sustainability partner, Sustainable X to achieve the goals, looking at every aspect of the business to understand impacts and how best to embrace the significance of environment, economic and social collaboration, transparency and accountability.

Nick Reilly, Sustainability Consultant at Sustainable X added: “Amthal has embarked on an ambitious journey to achieve defined sustainability goals. Although prioritising three, the 17 UN Global Goals are all integrated and action in one area will affect outcomes in others.

“Becoming an accredited member of the Living Wage Foundation is a great example of Amthal starting its sustainable journey from within, with a pledge that crosses many of the social sustainability goals. Not only will it have significant business benefits but it’s also proven to increase motivation and retention rates, as each team member will feel cared for and recognised for their efforts.”

“It is definitely the right way forward for Amthal to lead the fire and security industry way in the company’s sustainable evolution.”