Amthal Combats the Rise in Retail Crime

Amthal is taking proactive measures to tackle the significant rise in shoplifting incidents across London.

Recent Police reports have highlighted a concerning 21.1% increase in shoplifting cases, with local Business Improvement Districts (BID) suggesting the actual increase is higher.  Many retailers have highlighted scepticism to reporting incidents due to a lack of response by the Metropolitan Police.

Amthal is committed to assisting businesses in safeguarding retailers’ premises, protecting their assets, and ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

Says David Williamson, Amthal Sales Manager: “Against a cost of living crisis when we were prepared for a rise in shoplifting, the statistics show the reality of everyday struggles faced by retailers.  The Metropolitan Police are faced with enormous pressures and we all have a role and responsibility to do as much as we can to offer the necessary protection, technologies and strategies to combat the rising issue. We are committed to supporting our clients in safeguarding their premises and ensuring a secure environment for their customers and team members.”

With an extensive track record in retail security, Amthal understands the unique challenges faced by retailers in the capital. The company’s team of experts has deep knowledge and experience in addressing security concerns, offering tailored solutions that effectively combat shoplifting and other criminal activities.

Amthal will work with retailers to plan, design, install, maintain and monitor bespoke solutions, to deter theft, minimise risks, and maximise safety.   Solutions often include CCTV
surveillance systems with advanced analytics capabilities, access control solutions, intruder alarms, and remote monitoring options.

David concludes: “We understand that every business is unique, requiring tailored strategies to address specific vulnerabilities.  Our role is to offer support right from specification through installation to integrate smart technologies, allowing retailers the capability to detect, deter, and respond to shoplifting incidents.  With ongoing maintenance and monitoring, we can also support a Police response with evidence already captured.  It comes together to ensure a safer shopping experience for all.”

As the incidence of shoplifting continues to rise in London, Amthal remains committed to being at the forefront of security innovation and supporting businesses in safeguarding their assets.

Please visit our dedicated retail support page for further information.