3 Reasons To Install Electronic Security Systems

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, the UK has seen a slow but definite rise in theft and robbery over 2019. Police have recorded a 13% increase in theft and an 11% increase in robbery.

While hiring armed guards are a no-brainer for any commercial establishment, investing in electronic security systems such as closed-circuit television cameras is a must to ensure that your establishment is protected day and night.

Here are three reasons your establishment should be protected by electronic security systems today:

Theft and Robbery Deterrent

Studies have shown that CCTV surveillance is a useful tool for deterring property and vehicle crimes. This is because most burglars are always looking for an easy target with obvious vulnerabilities to exploit and low risk of detection.

Retail CCTV systems coupled with access security and control systems installed in your establishment is guaranteed to discourage theft because these systems put another layer of complexity. Even if they could somehow avoid being recorded by your CCTVs, they would still need to find a way to bypass your access and security controls without you noticing.

Most burglars know this and will immediately scout for another place once they see that your establishment is being monitored 24/7.

Evidence Collection

If a robbery does occur, CCTV footage can act as vital evidence used to locate and eventually prosecute criminals. Aside from providing footage of the actual robbery, footage from previous days and weeks can be used to pinpoint perpetrators who may have been scoping your commercial establishment in advance.

One exceptionally high profile heist that was solved by recorded CCTV footage was the robbery of Avianne & Co. The Manhattan jewellery store was among the establishments of such kind in New York, USA, and is famous for having celebrity clients like Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber.

The CCTVs recorded the appearance of the thieves and helped authorities catch them the next day.

Business Reputation Enhancement

Every business needs to invest in retail security systems for their employees and customers’ safety. Being the subject of a robbery can mean a significant setback on your operational expenses and profits. Some heists are big enough to cause a business to fold due to the amount of damage caused and the perceived lack of security capabilities.

This is particularly true for storage facilities, which depend primarily on people’s trust for their business to thrive. If just one or two storage units are robbed, the whole operation is put at risk, and the rest of its clientele may pack up and do business elsewhere for fear of having their items stolen.

The same is true for residential buildings such as condominiums, where a series of robberies can also lead to tenants leaving and looking for a safer area. In this case, installing retail CCTV systems and having a quick security alarm response can make your customers feel safe and continue patronising your business.


Everybody wants peace of mind, especially when it comes to securing one’s business. When it comes to preventing your business from falling prey to burglaries, investing in property management security is a step in the right direction.

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