Amthal Support BAFE’s ‘Don’t Just Specify, Verify’ Campaign

Amthal is supporting a new campaign, led by BAFE.

The aim is to ensure those seeking to meet fire safety obligations can specify a competent, third party certified fire safety service provider.

The new ‘don’t just specify, verify’ drive by BAFE, seeks to highlight that when selecting a company to carry out contract works, it is just as important to verify their Third Party Certification is appropriate for the work required.

BAFE Fire Safety Register, which Amthal is certified, is an online publicly available register. Results will always clearly state exactly to which services the provider is Third Party Certificated (to BAFE Schemes.)

The campaign’s launch coincides with the raft of new Government measures on fire safety that have been announced in the opening quarter of 2020 in response to the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: final report, by Dame Judith Hackitt

The report initially discussed the “golden thread” of responsibility, where it states: “The [new] regulator will hold dutyholders [responsible persons/premises management] to account, ensure that the standards are met and take action against those who fail to meet the requirements.”

In response, the Government has proposed the Fire Safety Bill, together with an extra building safety fund worth £1bn in the budget 2020 and launching its ‘Building a Safer Future’ initiative with ‘ambitious steps to further reform the building safety system.” It has been suggested that some plans could be implemented as early as May 2020.

The new programme will be governed by a new Building Safety Regulator that will initially be led by Dame Judith Hackitt during the set up phase, who will be tasks with improving the fire safety of buildings.

Says Jamie Allam, Amthal CEO: “The timing of BAFE’s campaign is critical with the extensive Government focus on evolving fire safety. This is especially with the new impact that will be felt by building owners and managers to comply. Amthal is working hard with our customers, new and existing, to keep abreast of the Government changes and is constantly reviewing its procedures with customers, ensuring it is prepared and ready to respond when the changes pass through legislation. This ensures residents are always protected and managing agents are continuing to fulfill their legal duty.”

For more information on BAFE’s ‘don’t just specify, verify’ campaign, please visit: