Understanding the Rise in Shoplifting: Safeguarding Businesses in Uncertain Times

The Rise in UK Shoplifting

Shoplifting offences across England and Wales have reached their highest rate in 20 years, according to recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). With the latest Crime Survey for England and Wales released, the year to September 2023 saw more than 402,000 offences recorded by Police, up from 304,459 in the previous 12 months. Retail businesses across the UK need to focus more this year on shoplifting prevention than perhaps ever before.

Whilst this marks a 32% rise in shoplifting, the fears are that the numbers could be significantly higher with many crimes not recorded due to fears of stretched Police resources.

The ONS report highlights a concerning trend of theft offences, particularly shoplifting. Whilst the Retail Crime Action Plan was unveiled in October, there is a call for businesses to take proactive shoplifting prevention measures to protect themselves and prioritise the security of their premises, assets, and staff.

Proactive Shoplifting Prevention

Investing in reliable business security systems is key. Installing the below can act as effective deterrents against potential thieves to stop shoplifting or minimise the risk:

Retailers can also benefit from the fast-evolving Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based remote monitoring services, enabling real-time responses as and when required.

By working in partnership with security specialists, data is captured in a compliant manner. These technologies not only enhance security but also provide valuable evidence in case of an incident, aiding Police efforts.

Preparing Employees

Fostering a culture of awareness among employees is essential. Providing training on recognising suspicious behaviour, establishing clear security protocols, and promoting open communication channels can empower staff to respond appropriately to potential threats.

This is particularly relevant with the noted increase in abuse and physical attacks on staff.

At Amthal, we understand the importance of proactive security measures in safeguarding businesses against rising crime trends. With over 20 years of providing expert security compliance, our tailored solutions are designed to address the unique needs of each client, offering peace of mind in an ever-changing landscape.

By investing in effective security measures, fostering awareness among employees, and collaborating with local authorities, businesses can help contribute to shoplifting prevention and mitigate the risks associated with theft, promoting safety in their communities.

Insights from our Business Development Director

Says Paul Rosenthal, our Amthal Group Business Development Director: “Collaboration with local Police and community initiatives can strengthen efforts to combat shoplifting and we welcome the action taken. By forging partnerships with security specialists and engaging with the community, businesses can contribute to creating safer environments.

“It is essential retailers are seen to be proactive in this environment, taking steps to enhance their security measures and create a culture of vigilance among employees. By investing in tailored robust security systems, providing comprehensive training, and maintaining open communication channels and partnerships, businesses can effectively deter shoplifting incidents. Together, we can work towards building resilient retail communities where businesses can thrive in a secure environment.

Guaranteed Compliance, Now and Always

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