Thinking Smart About Business Security

From a business perspective, buildings represent one of the largest capital expenses. This is second only to salaries paid to employees.

So it’s no surprise that property owners and managers are constantly seeking new ways to make buildings ‘smarter’ and creating more ‘personal’, efficient, sustainable and safer environments for those who occupy them.

And equally, it’s no shock they want to protect their investment, together with their staff, assets and data from internal and external threats.

Fitting today’s mobile-connected lifestyles, the real draw to Smart Buildings is the ability to connect with and manage all these different systems from one place – be that onsite or potentially anywhere in the world.

And in terms of high-tech security, the industry is working hard to adopt the fast pace evolution in integrated technology, which is making this a reality.

Smart workplace
The security industry has embraced Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Buildings technology. Today, it makes sense to use an IP connection to link various security systems. Integrated security systems have revolutionised the sector and made it possible (and preferable) to link all these systems together.

Amthal is increasingly responding to demands for presenting integrated high quality solutions, combining elements of security, fire, access control and CCTV surveillance cameras to create a bespoke all-encompassing smart system.

Any kind of incident (such as an intruder, theft or emergency) can be monitored and managed by one team or individual to ensure it is addressed and resolved swiftly and effectively. And this can be achieved on a remote basis via a mobile, with latest visual verification security technology.

Encouraging a safer working environment
Installing a high-tech integrated security system, incorporating CCTV surveillance camera, intruder alarm systems, access control and locking solutions can also honour a duty of care to staff, and ensure employees, work in a safer environment.

This is particularly beneficial to team members who may work outside of traditional office hours, late shifts or lone working, where reliable security systems and advanced CCTV surveillance cameras can provide peace of mind to ‘protect what’s precious,’ on a 24 hour monitoring basis.

Embracing the changes in smart security
Helping all of this along is the advances in cloud technology, which is allowing physical security systems to become more audited and accessible, on a remote basis.

CCTV solutions can operate with increased storage capability, greater capability to adopt facial technology and analytical reports, and intruder alarms have greater opportunities to be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

The introduction of 5G networks will also impact on the way people stay connected. Extra speed and bandwidth, faster operating and more powerful mobiles will enable apps to work much harder and video to become the cornerstone of security.

Ultimately, traditional offices are changing and so too are the people working in them. Business operations now expect a level of smart integration in the workplace.

IoT is presenting new opportunities for creating, operating and delivering on such requirements, and is leading the way for new business value delivery, safety and security.

And in security, the use of smart technology and CCTV, intruder alarms, access control and fire detection devices with user control at its core, enabling compatibility with mobile apps is increasingly in demand. The industry must acknowledge the fast pace we need to develop.

Certainly for Amthal, working closely with our partners, we are very aware of the need to stay at least one page ahead to embrace the smart technologies on offer and develop them into life-changing devices for our customers, across every commercial sector, to benefit.