The Importance Of Nurse Call Systems Maintenance: Why Their Upkeep Is Vital

At Amthal, our experts can install, maintain and repair every type of nurse-call system.

We understand the importance of nurse call systems and their vital role in Doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, and assisted living accommodations.

This is why the maintenance of nurse call systems should be a priority for any business or healthcare provider.

What Is A Nurse-Call System?

As mentioned above, you can find nurse-call systems in various premises, including hospitals, nursing homes and GP surgeries.

They allow patients to alert staff if they need assistance.

Nurse call systems are made of call points which are linked to a central control centre

When an alarm is raised at a call point, a signal alerts staff who can respond.

There are many different types of systems; some allow patients to speak directly to staff; others simply notify staff that assistance is required at a specific location.

The Importance Of Nurse Call Systems Maintenance

Like any other system in a nursing home or healthcare facility, nurse call systems must be regularly maintained to ensure they are working correctly.

There are many benefits to ensuring the systems are functioning properly, including:

Peace Of Mind

While it is not specifically a legal requirement to get the system tested, you may well have a duty of care for residents, and maintenance helps to give you peace of mind that you know your call system works.

Quality Control

Without regular maintenance, the system can break down when needed, which could risk patients’ lives.

In addition, nurse call systems that are not properly maintained can result in false alarms, which can cause staff to become desensitised to the system and may eventually lead them to ignore it when a real emergency occurs.

Whether a basic on-site maintenance programme is required or a comprehensive package involving planned maintenance and 24-hour call-outs are needed, Amthal can support nurse call installations with fully bespoke agreements.

What Nurse Call System Maintenance Entails

So, what will our expert technicians do to help ensure your Nurse call system is maintained correctly?

Our maintenance programme generally includes a few key components, such as:

  • Thorough inspection of all hardware and software
  • System testing (including power supply and battery charging rates)
  • Calibration of sensors to ensure accurate readings
  • Replacement of any parts that are not working properly

If something goes wrong with your nurse call system, you will want to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

We offer a 24/7 emergency service that can help to get your system up and running again in no time.

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