How CCTV Can Maintain Office Security

It is always essential to have the latest security systems implemented throughout your offices. That is because any threat at all to the employees or the assets of the business can have severe consequences, whether it be costly replacements for missing items or damage to company reputation. You can implement many security solutions into your offices, from locking up essential and valuable items to finger-print readers to open doors for authorized personnel only. However, if there is one security solution you need to implement into your offices, it would be CCTV.

What is CCTV?

CCTV is short for closed-circuit television. It utilizes cameras set up around different places to monitor events real time. It could be anything from keeping eyes on a back door to spot intruders or in the offices to monitor ongoing activities. CCTV solutions also record footage, allowing for review by the authorities if needed, such as the police reviewing footage after a crime scene. Some more sophisticated CCTV can even alert officials if a breach occurs, allowing action to quickly control the situation.

What types of camera are there for CCTV?

  • Standard camera

There are a variety of camera types used for CCTV. The most common one would be a standard camera that offers the ability to zoom, pan and tilt. This allows security personnel to look around a particular area, minimizing as many blind spots as possible, and are most commonly used in places such as entrances, exits, garages etc.

  • Thermal imaging camera

Another type of camera often used for CCTV would be thermal imaging cameras. While these cameras will generally have the same capabilities as the previously mentioned camera, they come with the ability to thermally scan a place. This means that even in pitch black, it can pick up the heat signature from different things. If someone were to enter the area in the middle of the night with no lights, the camera would pick them up as clear as day.

  • Access control system camera

The final type of camera we are going to talk about is access control system cameras. These cameras, as the name implies, manage the accessibility of different areas to authorized personnel. For example, these cameras can permit an authorized individual to enter a restricted zone to access important documents while denying access to other people.

Great use of access control systems is with elevators, where a person presenting their ID card to the camera will only have access to specific floors. With such a camera, you can easily control traffic flow throughout your commercial property and prevent unauthorized personnel from getting to areas they are not supposed to be in.


If you have not already implemented CCTV into your commercial property, do so right away! Not only are they excellent at detecting any activity but can act as a deterrent to crime. That said, there are various CCTV solutions out there, so you need to do a bit of research to ensure you gain the most benefit from the solution you choose.

If you are still unsure how you can implement CCTV into your business, do not be afraid to contact security experts. They can help identify your offices’ vulnerabilities and propose solutions to ensure your workplace is a safe and secure one.

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