BT Redcare Closure: Our Approach to Tackling the Upcoming Changes

As of February 1st, 2024, BT’s Redcare security system – a form of secure alarm monitoring – has announced the closure of all operations by August 1st, 2025. 

What Does This Mean for Our Customers? 

The closure means that all installed BT Redcare connections must be swapped out to alternative providers before August 1st, 2025.  

We understand the transition to a new security system may feel overwhelming and be seen as a significant challenge. Amthal is here to offer support to clients, new and existing, with careful planning and coordination teams ready to help the migration process to a new signalling solution that matches risk requirements. 

What Are We Doing About the BT Redcare Closure? 

At Amthal, we are committed to a smooth transition, offering advice as required and operating with all impacted clients every step of the way. Our dedicated Account Managers are on hand to support you with the transition and take the stress out of legal compliance.

We have been working closely with our dedicated alarm-receiving centre EMCS; itself proactive in ensuring its service teams are ready to move all impacted signalling systems to an alternative supplier before the stated deadline of August 2025. 

Amthal is currently in the process of assessing our engineer resources and procedures for performing necessary upgrades to alarms as part of a structured program.  

Replacement of Redcare monitoring units can be scheduled as part of routine maintenance visits so scheduled and integrated into regular testing programmes. Alternatively, it can be scheduled and integrated into initial takeover and asset-gathering visits. This ensures that all systems will remain up-to-date, fully functional, and compliant with industry standards after the BT Redcare closure. 

The UK Security Industry 

As one of the nation’s trusted security and fire protection partners, Amthal is actively collaborating with industry stakeholders including the BSIA, FIA, NSI & SSAIB. Working with them to ensure we’re doing everything possible to establish a dependable solution, quickly and efficiently. 

Who Do I Contact if I Have Concerns? 

Amthal will be reaching out to all our affected clients to ensure a complete transition before the confirmed switch-off date of August 2025. With our professional switching service, our experts are also able to support new clients with the Redcare transition. 
With any queries or concerns about the BT Redcare closure, please contact your Account Manager or the Amthal service team. We’re happy to communicate in whatever way suits you best.