Amthal Leads IFSEC Through 20 Years of Experience

With the new IFSEC Global Editor wanting to get closer to fire and security installers, Amthal has taken the opportunity to discuss latest trends and issues in the industry.

Speaking exclusively to Amthal’s Directors (John Allam, Jamie Allam and Paul Rosenthal,) the company profile produced, demonstrates Amthal’s experience as a family business, staying true to its roots, and celebrating 20 years in operation.

IFSEC looks at how the company has evolved, tackling issues such as the skills shortage and designing its recruitment and team retention programmes to build a strong team.

People at its heart

The main focus of the profile was business for Amthal, being about its people, its team and treating each member as an extension of its family ties.

When an employee tells a friend or relative that their company is a great place to work, that’s a great endorsement, the best.  We believe this scenario is created by looking after and building our team, seeing what motivates and inspires them to work to flourish and commit to the vision, mission and values of Amthal.

It translates to having the right working environment and life balance, about recruiting on values, rather than technical abilities. “Technical skills can be taught, and we place a lot of importance on our employee and apprentices’ development process.”

Jamie added: “As long as they show a passion and commitment to the business and their own development, we’ll support them.”

Skills Shortage

The skills shortage was one guaranteed topic of conversation.  And covered in the profile, was how Amthal has created a culture to encourage multi-generational collaboration to maintain a committed, competent workforce.

John highlights how Amthal’s employees comprise a mix of ‘traditional’ security and fire electrical installers, software and IT engineers, and office-based staff.  There is a mixture of traditional installers who are accomplished in the initial first-fix process of a job, and engineers with a greater understanding of IT programming who can deal with the integration and connectivity of security and fire systems.

“Unlike other industries, being able to understand and apply the technical aspects of fire and security installation, whether traditional or encompassing latest smart solutions (or often a mixture of both) quickly and efficiently, is vital to success,” says John.

Sopwell House

Paul presented Sopwell House as a case example of Amthal’s work.

As an established, Georgian country House Hotel based in St Albans, Amthal has been the local partner of choice for three years and has recently worked on ensuring the security and safety of a new £12m spa facility, including a 430m outdoor space garden.

Paul toured the hotel, highlighting how Amthal maintains all existing fire and CCTV systems.  And for the new spa facilities, Amthal is installing latest IP CCV together with access control integrated with the main hotel and extending the fire systems, again from the main hotel building.

As Paul says: “At Sopwell House, it has taken careful planning and a close working partnership to achieve objectives for fire and security services for the new spa facilities and hotel as a whole.”

To read the profile, Amthal Fire & Security: Celebrating 20 years” please visit IFSEC Global.