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Fire Alarm Systems

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A fire alarm system can alert building occupiers to the presence of heat, smoke or flames early in the event of a fire, presenting the opportunity to either control the fire or evacuate the building quickly and safely, and engage emergency services.

Early detection can also mean less extensive damage in the event of a fire, meaning a building may benefit from a smaller loss of assets, or less structural damage meaning less disruption to operations.

Fire detection and alert systems are a requirement for commercial and public buildings under the Regulation Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 under section 13, which says to safeguard occupants, a responsible person should ensure that a premises is “equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and with fire detectors and alarms”.

While not currently a legal requirement for some private and/or domestic buildings, a fire detection and alert system can provide peace-of-mind that you are protecting what’s precious.

Amthal works with its customers to design and install a fire alarm system tailored to specific needs, and in accordance with quality standards, for example, BS 5839-6 for domestic settings and BS 5839-1 for non-domestic buildings.

One option to be considered is whether you need a conventional or addressable fire alarm system. An addressable system has all devices with a unique address or location connected to the system via a feedback loop, meaning that you can establish which detection device has been triggered from a central control panel, allowing you to quickly isolate an incident.

A conventional system cannot pinpoint an incident to a particular device, it can be ‘zoned’ to give an indication of the location of a fire. Both of these functions can be beneficial in larger scale environments. 

We can also work with you on other configuration options, including wiring, installation and mounting; operational needs such as the abilities to trigger warnings or reset the system following an incident; and whether you need a connection to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) for an automated response to incidences.

Overall, a fire alarm system will be made up of fire alarm panels, fire detection devices (such as smoke or heat detectors,) fire alarm sounders and flashers, and manual call points. Amthal will help you understand the best system, configuration and scaling options for your fire alarm system needs.

Amthal is UKAS accredited to carry out the inspection and servicing of fire detection and fire alarm systems. Whether for a new system that we have designed and installed, or an existing system, we will work with you to design and deliver an appropriate schedule of weekly/monthly and annual testing to ensure your fire alarm system is functioning as intended.

To see how Amthal Fire & Security can support you with designing, installing, improving or maintaining your fire alarm system, get in touch using the contact form below, phone free on 0800 093 7818 or email.