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Key Paxton Products Available For Installation

Paxton offers several security solutions for homes and businesses to help ensure the premises are secure.

They include:

Access Control

These are a range of standalone (wireless door handles), networked and web-based access control products to suit almost every potential application. These keyless door locks allow entry via a keyfob or other similar technology. They provide a secure and convenient way of controlling access to your building and when that access is permitted.

Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems allow you to use visual identification before allowing anyone access to your premises. They comprise of three simple components: external panel, door control unit and internal monitor.

Door entry systems can complement existing access control systems or be used as a standalone security solution.

Video Surveillance

An ideal way of keeping a visual overview of what’s happening at your premises, video surveillance can provide an excellent increased level of security.

Not only can the cameras offer evidence and possible identification of anyone attempting a breach, but they can also act as an effective deterrent.

Whatever your security requirements, from access control to video surveillance, Amthal can install a wide range of Paxton systems scalable for sites of all types and sizes.

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What is the difference between Access Control and Door Entry systems?

With an access control system, the user has a keyfob, swipe card or access code which allows them entry. With door entry systems, you can control who is let into the building via an intercom, and a camera allows you to identify who they are.

What are the main differences between an online and a standalone access control system?

Paxton offers both online and standalone access systems. Both control access to your property. However, an online access control system is controlled from software on your PC, allowing you to add, delete and amend user details from the software, monitor events, open entrances, and set up and amend time zones for users. A standalone access control system is a simplified system set up at each door, where fobs supplied simply grant a user access through an entrance.

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