National Police Chiefs Council Letter


Dear Sir/Madam

A properly installed security system will help to protect your premises when it is unoccupied. As you are considering the installation of a remote signalling security system you should be aware that the police have safeguards to reduce levels of false calls which divert us away from other tasks in your community.  To avoid misunderstanding, here is a precis of the conditions. However, should you require further information please contact your local police alarms administration department.

  1. Installation, preventative service and monitoring of security systems must only be undertaken by companies acceptable to your local police.
  2. Such acceptance by the police does not imply a guarantee of the company’s work. You should seek confirmation from the company that it is compliant with police requirements and is acceptable to the police force for the transmission of alarm messages from new installations.
  3. You will receive training on the operation of the system by the installer including methods of cancelling accidental operations of the alarm.
  4. Any external audible sounder should cut out after 20 minutes and alarms causing annoyance under the terms of the Clean Neighbourhood and environmental Act
    2005, may result in prosecution. Please check with the installing company, or your local authority for details.
  5. Security systems will receive a police response determined by the nature of demand, priorities and resources which exist at the time. If an intruder alarm generates 2 false calls in a rolling 12 month period you will be advised in writing so that you may take remedial action. It is important that you take remedial action as failure to do so could result in loss of police response to the system.
  6. Following 3 false calls in any rolling 12 month period on your Intruder Alarm police attendance will be withdrawn.
  7. If your system has a separate Hold-Up Alarm police response will be withdrawn after 2 false calls in any rolling 12 month period.
  8. Police attendance may be restored if remedial action has been taken to rectify the fault, or when the system has achieved 3 months free of false calls. The application must be submitted by your security company, with supporting evidence. It is therefore in your interest to identify and correct the cause of a false alarm in conjunction with your alarm company at the earliest opportunity.
  9. On completion of the administration procedures your security company will be issued with a Unique Reference Number (URN) which identifies your system within our files to speed call handling. This number should be used in all correspondence to the police but please do not disclose it to any unauthorised person.
  10. There is a requirement to have at least two keyholders, details of whom will be maintained by the Alarm Receiving Centre. Keyholders shall be trained to operate the security system, be telephone subscribers, have adequate means of transport to attend the premises at all hours, shall have access to all relevant parts of the premises and shall be able to attend within 20 minutes of being notified.
  11. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations personal information relating to you and your keyholders in connection with the security system may be held on a computer. Please ensure that relevant names and addresses are current. It is regretted that such constraints are imposed but they are essential if we are to maintain the credibility of alarm systems, reduce false calls and provide you with an acceptable service.