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Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022: How Amthal Can Help Your Business Comply

Alongside the Fire Safety Act, the government has now committed to Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022..

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A man in an Orange tabard standing by an emergency exit.

The Building Safety Act 2022: Are You Prepared For The New Legislation?

Fire risk assessors, together with building owners and safety managers who employ them, now face additional..

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Testing frequency

Emergency Lighting Testing Frequency: How Often Should You Be Testing?

Emergency lighting is a vital part of any building’s fire safety procedure. If you experience a..

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Intratone web

Amthal Accesses Partnership with Intratone

Amthal has partnered with wireless intercom and smart access control specialist, Intratone. Intratone is renowned for..

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Amthal Apprenticeship banner

Why Apprentices Are So Important To Amthal

With this week being National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with CEO Jamie Allam to see..

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Honeywell Gent 24 Approved Network banner which signifies Amthal's official Gent Installer status.

Amthal Approved as Systems Integrator for Honeywell Gent

Amthal has become part of the Honeywell Gent Network. Gent’s 24 Network of Approved System Integrators..

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A banner showcasing the Amthal Fire & Security logo and the IPL Maintenance Services logo

Amthal Acquires Majority Shares in Integrated Protection Maintenance Services Ltd

Amthal has completed its acquisition of majority shares in Integrated Protection Maintenance Services Ltd (IPMSL,) a..

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A city skyline at night with a large 2022 appearing behind the buildings to help illustrate Amthal's blog on security industry issues for 2022.

2022 Security Industry Forecast: Challenges, Opportunities and Predictions

The security industry emerged from the potentially crippling business impacts of a pandemic better than most…

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A billboard outside a city building that reads 'Hybrid Working 2022'.

Hybrid Working – What Does This Mean For Amthal?

As we welcome 2022, CEO Jamie Allam looks at the opportunities for Amthal in the fire..

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