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Fire safety and security considerations in retail can be varied, whether the site is a single-location retail outlet, a retail chain across multiple sites or a multi-occupancy retail complex. These can range from universal concerns surrounding theft and staff and customer safety, right up to the most serious risks, for example, the threat of terrorism in larger retail environments such as shopping centres.   Retail is an industry undergoing a radical transformation, and balancing these diverse fire safety and security concerns with heightened customer expectations can be a challenge for any retailer. By working with a trusted partner, retail professionals can be assured that safety and security is accounted for, and focus on delivering that great retail experience.

While staff and customer safety is paramount, it is important for retail locations to strike a balance between creating a safe and secure environment and still maintaining a warm, welcoming and seamless customer experience.   In today’s 24-hour economy, retailers need to be able to react quickly and have seamless processes and technology in place to exceed customer service, all without compromising on peace of mind that shoppers and staff are operating in a safe and secure environment.   Bespoke systems, which can be scaled across areas of a unit or across multiple locations, mean that your fire and security measures can fit into your particular business operations.

The development of technologies in fire and security solutions means that a system can not only meet your critical need to keep people safe and keep your business assets secure, but it can bring additional benefits to your business.   For example, video analytics in a CCTV system can aid business intelligence, by putting it to use in queue monitoring analysis; the data that comes out of this can help to improve and streamline business operations.

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Amthal has extensive experience in planning, designing, installing, maintaining and monitoring bespoke fire safety and security systems for retail locations. Our priority is to work with management teams or building managers to get a real sense of the security and safety concerns, so that we can design a bespoke system that responds directly to what you need. We can also work with you in the longer term to constantly review security and fire safety measures to ensure systems are operating to maximum capability and according to the latest legislation or best practices.

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