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Commercial Smoke Ventilation Systems – Extraction & AOV

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Smoke ventilation systems are an important part of a building’s overall fire safety system.

Connected to the central fire safety system, the vents open when triggered by heat or smoke detectors, allowing for air and smoke’s natural or mechanical ventilation.

As mentioned above, there are two main types of smoke ventilation systems.

Natural Smoke Ventilation

Natural smoke ventilation systems can include roofs, window vents, smoke shafts and skylights.

They are opened automatically when heat and smoke sensors are triggered.

The great thing about these systems is that they don’t just have to be used during emergencies; they can provide natural airflow for stuffy offices or overheated shopping centres.

Natural smoke ventilation systems are also sometimes known as Automatic Opening Vents (AOV).

Mechanical Smoke Ventilation

Mechanical smoke ventilation systems are very similar, but they operate at a more advanced level.

Mechanical extract shafts are used to forcibly remove smoke from a building.

These can be placed in corridors, lobbies and stairwells – any areas most commonly used as main escape routes.

Smoke is prevented from drifting into other areas of the building with fans inside the shaft, which helps minimises the risk of obstructing the safe evacuation of people during a fire.

Smoke ventilation is a critical part of any fire safety system.

Smoke inhalation is a significant factor in delaying safe escape, while smoke can also cause visibility issues.

A smoke ventilation system can also form part of the requirements under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, as part of a responsible person’s duty to ensure that building occupants have an effective emergency exit route.

Any fire safety equipment must be properly inspected and maintained according to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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