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Li-ion Tamer Battery Monitoring Systems

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Lithium-Ion batteries can be the perfect solution for many of today’s energy challenges.

However, if you use them, you will know that the technology is inherently flammable, and that can cause concern for the safety of your staff, site visitors and even your brand.

Fortunately, there is a new technology that helps mitigate any risk with the use of Lithium-Ion batteries: the Li-ion Tamer.

Li-ion Tamer Battery Monitoring Systems are designed to make battery storage systems safer.

They do this by providing an earlier warning of battery problems through more innovative sensing.

The plug-and-play systems are easy to install and consists of just two primary components: off-gas sensors and controllers.

To fully understand how Li-ion Tamers work, it’s helpful to know how and why batteries fail in the first place.

There are four stages of battery failure:

  • Battery Abuse (such as overheating or overcharging)
  • Off-Gas Generation
  • Smoke
  • Fire

Perhaps the most critical stage (in terms of failure prevention) is the ‘off-gas generation’.

Lithium battery off-gassing occurs as a battery begins to fail; electrolytes break down and generate gas.

This gas causes an internal pressure to build up, which is ultimately released from the cell in an off-gas event.

Left unchecked, this can lead to thermal runaway before smoke and fire break out with potentially catastrophic results.

Li-ion Tamers work at the second stage of battery failure: the interval between off-gas generation and smoke to stop thermal runaway before it gets started.

An off-gas monitor is placed at each battery pack to monitor off-gas events.

It can detect a single cell battery failure in a typical open-air battery rack.

When failing lithium-ion batteries emit off-gas, Li-ion Tamer can detect this precursor before the cell fails. This can afford you precious time to take further preventative measures.

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