Emergency Light Testing

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Properly maintaining a building’s emergency lighting system is a legal requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005.

Building owners or occupiers must carry out monthly and annual checks to ensure that the emergency lighting system is working correctly.

Failure to do so can put lives at risk and incur severe penalties.

Legally, any ‘competent person’ can carry out emergency light testing.

That competent person can be the owner of a business or a responsible person within the workplace – such as a Health and Safety Executive.

Of course, Amthal can support the owner or occupier in establishing and carrying out these processes.

It’s vital to test all emergency lighting systems monthly.

These are commonly known as ‘Flick Tests’.

It is essential to check that the LED light is on, use the test point and ensure that the light works.

A record of all monthly tests must be kept, including any faults which will have to be reported to the Responsible Person.

You are required to have a 3-hour emergency lighting test once a year.

When you do so, your primary light circuit must be switched off and your emergency lights left on for three hours in line with BS5266-1:2016.

Any defects should be reported and resolved as soon as possible.

A competent person must carry out this test.

Annual tests can be done in addition to monthly tests – don’t choose one over the other.

If you choose Amthal to carry out your emergency lighting test, we will issue a report on completion, which will explain any malfunctions or recommendations for remedial work required.

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Who Can Carry Out Emergency Light Testing?

Any ‘competent person’ can carry out emergency light testing. For example, this could be the business owner or any responsible person within the workplace who can be trusted to carry out relevant tests.

How Often Should Emergency Light Testing Be Carried Out?

Emergency light testing has to be carried out monthly. Those responsible should simulate total electricity and lighting failure; the tests must last as long as a real-life emergency.

Is Emergency Lighting A Legal Requirement For Business Premises?

It is a legal requirement for all businesses to have emergency lighting. These systems have to be tested monthly along with a full annual test. This is to ensure all corridors, emergency exits, and routes are well lit and can be easily navigated in an emergency.