Client Information


1. The installation shall be carried out during normal working hours, 08.30 – 17.30 Monday to Friday, unless alternative arrangements have been made in writing with the customer. Any waiting time will be charged for at our current day work hourly rate.

2. Cables will be concealed where possible but will be surface run where, in the opinion of the Company, this is impractical.

3. Lifting of carpets will be carried out by our engineers. While every care will be taken, we cannot accept responsibility for carpets replaced not as originally fitted.

4. It is the customer’s responsibility to move all stock and/or any obstruction that may impede our engineers during the installation of the alarm system.

5. The customer is to advise Amthal Fire & Security Ltd of the location of any concealed water, gas, electrical, telephone or other services prior to the commencement of the installation work. In the absence of such advice, Amthal Fire & Security Ltd cannot accept any liability for damage to these services or consequential loss due to the aforementioned services being damaged.

6. Our prices are based on the assumption that work will be carried out as per the system design proposal agreed between the customer and Amthal Fire & Security Ltd. Variations to the system design proposal, abnormal working conditions or any other work found to be necessary at the time of installation may be subject to additional charges. This system design proposal quotation is valid for 60 days from the date stipulated on the quotation.

7. All space detection equipment unless otherwise specified incorporate a visual walk test indicator. The detectors are mounted at a height in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. To ensure the detectors cover the specified areas, their field of view must not be obscured. Any obstructions will affect the detection capability of the detectors. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the area of coverage afforded by all of the detectors by carrying out regular “walk tests” between each routine preventative service inspection.

8. The customer should note that any alterations to the structure, building services, furniture or stock layout at the protected premises may adversely affect the area detection afforded by the alarm system and the area of coverage of detection devices. In the event that any of the aforementioned have taken place, the customer should liaise with Amthal Fire & Security Ltd to allow us to re -assess the detection provided by the alarm system.

9. Where you have requested, or been advised, to have a digital communicator, RedCARE, DualCom or other type of remote police signalling which is connected to the telephone network, you may incur charges direct from BT or other telephone company. Our system design proposal notes will point this out under “Customer’s responsibility”.

10. With regard to the installation of monitored systems, should you have or intend to have broadband or other similar system installed to your telephone line, which is used in conjunction with your intruder alarm, this may affect the ability of your system to communicate with our Alarm Receiving Centre or alert by voice/text to a mobile or landline telephone. In this scenario, it is your responsibility to contact Amthal Fire & Security Ltd for further advice as a filter may be required to ensure the efficient capability of your alarm system.

11. Where floodlights are fitted by this company or supplied by others and incorporated into the alarm system, the replacement of any bulb is the responsibility of the customer.

12. Any external lighting referred to on the attached specification is not governed by PD6662. The term “Our systems comply with PD6662” relates only to the intruder alarm.

13. Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (2005) a local authority may designate a geographic area to be an “alarm notification area”. In these areas, the occupier or owner of any premises – residential or non – residential – within that area must notify the local authority of the details of a keyholder for the premises. The authority can then turn to that keyholder for assistance in silencing an alarm. In such designated areas, it is an offence to fail to nominate keyholders or to fail to notify the local authority of the details of a keyholder. In certain circumstances, local authorities have the right to force entry into unattended premises for the purposes of silencing an audible alarm which is sounding and has not timed out. Any costs associated with the forced entry will be passed on to the occupant.

14. Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act (2018) and the General Data Protection Regulation, we are required to inform you that information regarding you and your keyholders supplied to Amthal Fire & Security Ltd may be held on computer files and that any relevant information may be passed on to the local police force and our monitoring station to be held on their files. It is regretted that such constraints are imposed but they are essential if we are to maintain the credibility of alarm systems and provide you with an acceptable service.

15. The customer is to advise Amthal Fire & Security Ltd in writing of the location of any asbestos or asbestos type material that can be found on the premises. If the asbestos or a material suspected of being asbestos is found in areas other than where previously documented, Amthal Fire & Security Ltd will have the right to request that samples of the material are tested in accordance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 at no cost to Amthal Fire & Security Ltd. The customer must make available their premises asbestos register as per The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

16. The customer is to advise Amthal Fire & Security Ltd in writing of any Hazardous Substance being used or stored on the premises where there is a reasonable risk of Amthal Fire & Security Ltd employees coming into contact with or being affected by such a substance. Amthal Fire & Security Ltd must also be advised in writing of any precautionary measures they are required to take where such a substance will be encountered whilst carrying out the initial installation of any work thereafter. If specialist PPE is required for protection against the Hazardous Substances, this must be provided by the customer at no cost to Amthal Fire & Security Ltd.

17. This system design proposal is confidential and intended for the use of the addressee only, on the understanding that Amthal Fire & Security Ltd will complete the installation. Amthal Fire & Security Ltd accepts no liability for its content for third party use.

18. Welfare Facilities: Unless otherwise informed prior to commencement of work, we assume you have in place welfare facilities and that they are available for our employees use.

19. By the signing of our Agreement, I the end user allow Amthal Fire & Security Ltd, access to engineering mode (level 3) on my intruder and hold up alarm system,  without the need to user authorisation.

20. All new installed parts come with full parts and labour warranty for a 12 month period. Where the manufacturer offer an extended warranty period, Amthal Fire & Security Ltd standard labour charges will be applied after the 12 month period for all site attendances. Parts will be replaced/repaired in accordance with the manufacturer warranty i.e. where no advanced replacement is offered, labour will be charged for removal and re-installation following repair or replacement by manufacturer.