About Us

Impact & Sustainability

Amthal is determined to play its part in making today’s and tomorrow’s world more sustainable. We believe our responsibility is great and so is our capacity to act in every aspect of our business, for the benefit of our team, our partners, and our customers.

We have committed to an ambitious programme of continuous development including achieving ISO 14001 to enhance our positive social, environmental and economic impacts, whilst sustaining the long- and short-term financial health of our organisation.

Achieving Sustainability Targets

To meet the challenges set, Amthal has considered all aspects of our business, using the UN Sustainable Development Goal Framework under the guidance of our independent sustainable partner of choice, Sustainable X.

We have pledged to sustain and improve our positive contributions to three key goals that we can have the biggest impact and ambition.  These include:
SDG 3 – Good health & wellbeing
SDG 8 – Decent work & economic growth
SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production

Social, Environment and Economic Change

Amthal continues to improve our contributions to the wider goals set out in the UN framework, understanding each are integrated and actions in one area will affect outcomes in others.  Starting from within, we have invested in upgrades to improve our energy efficiency at our head office in St Albans, including use of LED lighting and sustainable heating and insulation upgrades.

From a social perspective, Amthal is accredited to the Living Wage Foundation to enable all our team members to benefit from a fair and decent work environment, where their contributions are always recognised.

Amthal has committed to achieve sustainability targets not only for the success of the business, but also as a priority for the empowerment of our team, where we know each member can make a difference in their own well-being (both physical and mental,) and productivity.

Our objectives and key results will be reviewed monthly.  These include:

  • reducing carbon footprint and energy costs,
  • climate action,
  • improving air quality,
  • reinforcing employer brand, inclusion and
  • increasing productivity by reducing waste.

Our impacts and priorities will be assessed on an annual basis.

We will continue to learn and benefit from activities from industry leaders and also enable – through quality education and regular communications – more partners and customers to benefit from our sustainable business ethos.

Build a more sustainable future

Together, our mission is to grow a sustainable dynamic business through continuous investment and development in our people and their well-being.

That’s why we’re always looking to invest in our staff, including our apprentices.

Our pledge to ‘protect what’s precious’ here becomes leading the industry to deliver effective fire and security solutions that encourage sustainable cities and communities.

We welcome conversations on our commitment and willingness to work towards a more sustainable future.  If you would like to know more, please email us or complete our contact form below.