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Door Access Control Systems – North London

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At Amthal, we understand that door access control systems are never a one-size-fits-all scenario and that your level of security will largely depend on the type of business you conduct at the premises. Your perfect solution could fall anywhere within the large scale of options we offer, but it’s important to know from the outset that the very first step to security starts at the door of your North London property.

By controlling who can enter and move around your property, you’re ensuring not only the safety of sensitive information, but also your staff by eliminating access by unknown visitors. Achieving this can be done in a number of ways, including an analogue door entry system or a more advanced IP door entry system with image and audio where you’ll be able to allow or deny outside visitors from inside with smart control features.

For more advanced needs, we’re also able to rig your premises throughout with biometric systems that would add another layer of security to higher risk buildings. Protecting restricted areas by only allowing permitted staff means security breaches are less likely and that you can breathe easy.

Here to create a bespoke access control system with you – including, but not limited to IP Entry Control, Security Gates, Barriers & Bollards, ID Card Bureau Service and Biometric Access Control – Amthal Hertfordshire teams are standing by to talk to you about dependable systems at the level of security you require. Get in touch via email, phone or chat or head over to our Access Control Solutions or review our case studies for more information.

Our team have designed, installed and maintained access control systems across a range of applications – head to our case studies section to find out more. If you would like to discuss your access control needs simply get in touch by free phone on 0800 093 7818, complete our contact form below, hop on live chat, or email our experts today.

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