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Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems – Harrow

Secure, Connected and Controlled

Amthal are accredited, expert and experienced installers of commercial security and intruder alarm systems across Harrow and surrounding towns and boroughs. We work with you and your teams to keep your business and property safe from intruders using quality, innovative and modern detection and notification systems as part of your security programme.

Business alarm systems can range from a standalone unmonitored alarm and detection system, and scale up to integrated, remotely monitored site-wide systems with immediate police response. Designed to reduce the chances of break ins, deter crime, safeguard life and property, and protect assets our state of the art, trusted, and reliable systems are expertly installed and maintained to provide you ultimate piece of mind.

Find out more about our business intruder alarms by heading to our Intruder Alarms pages, read some of our customer success stories in our Media Centre, or check our Testimonials page.

Whether you are the business owner, or an employee tasked with controlling or improving your organisation security then we would love to discuss your specific needs, provide a free, no obligation survey, and explain how simple and painless a transfer to Amthal will be.

Head to our Intruder Alarms & Detection Systems page for more information.  If you are ready to talk then phone us free on 0800 093 7818, complete the quick contact form below, or email our expert team today.