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Commercial Fire & Safety Systems – Stevenage

Crucial fire Detection, Warning & suppression

Fire is incredibly destructive; property can be destroyed incredibly quickly and any loss to fire, property or otherwise, can be devastating. The cost of fire prevention will far outweigh the results of a fire and for that reason, Amthal is passionate about giving you peace of mind through our state-of-the-art fire and security systems. We offer a wide range of fire and safety products and services from fire alarms and detection to fire risk assessments for you Stevenage business.

Not only can fires hurt your business financially but they can also affect you legally; the presence of smoke detectors and adequate evacuation procedure is required by law in most properties commercial and domestic. Keeping yourself ahead of the law is paramount to ensure you, your property, and the lives of those around you are kept completely safe.

Installation isn’t always a simple process, this is why we at Amthal are more than happy to create, install and manage completely bespoke systems that work for you. We can also take the entire process into our hands whether it be Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Door Testing, and especially the installation of Fire Detection Systems. Whatever it is that needs to be done, Amthall will do it.

All installations operate and run in accordance with UK quality standards such as BS 5839-6 for domestic settings and BS 5839-1 for non-domestic buildings.

If you want to take a step towards a safer property, get in touch with your local, expert Amthal team via the contact form below or read more about our Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Protection.