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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems – Hayes

Crucial fire Detection, Warning & suppression

Fire can wreak absolute havoc on a business, ensuring you have as much warning as possible is paramount to keeping your business and employees safe. Amthal Fire and Security should be your first stop in getting your commercial fire alarm systems & fire protection services. We’ve got over two decades of experience and have learnt the value of early smoke detection and how it can allow time to escape and prevent fire from spreading in your Hayes-based business

Having your business shut down for long periods due to a fire can be more than devastating, damage to property and even loss of life can be a harrowing experience emotionally and financially. Having a Fire Alarm System is the smartest move you can make not only financially but also legally, the absence of smoke detectors is most often illegal in both commercial AND residential properties. Installation isn’t always a simple process but we at Amthal are more than happy to create, install and manage a completely bespoke system that works for you. Our head office is based in St Albans, but we regularly do work in West London so often find ourselves in Hayes and surrounding areas.

We’re also more than happy to take the whole process into our hands, Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Door Testing, especially the installation of Fire Detection Systems. Whatever it is that needs to be done, Amthal will do it. All installations operate and run in accordance with UK quality standards such as BS 5839-6 for domestic settings and BS 5839-1 for non-domestic buildings.

If you want to take a step towards a safer property, get in touch with your local, expert Amthal team via the contact form below or read more about our Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Protection.